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10 pantai terindah di dunia

Written By rara ropanda s on Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011 | 10.06

1. Fernando de Noronha
perhaps the most beautiful beaches in the world where only a few people who know. One of the Unesco World Heritage Site is "the most beautiful marine park in the World"

2. Maldives
The CALM best beaches in the world. Beautiful, quiet, modern and secluded. The combination is very rarely found in pantai2 in this world. Welcome to the Maldives.

3. Anguilla
Ranked first in the top 10 World Best beaches of 2005 the Discovery Channel Travel and Adventure is certainly not nonsense. Anguilla has it all. Tranquility, cleanliness, modern, complete with little island life that truly "Caribbean"

4. Boracay, Philippines
Beautiful beaches, and the bluest in the pacific ocean.

5. Horseshoe Bay
Bermuda is one of the most expensive place to tour the beach in the world. But that did not deter thousands of tourists come to visit the island each year. The weather is friendly, calm water and waves, crystal clear water and pink sand bay Horseshoey almost unparalleled in this part of the planet. The best beach and island in the Caribbean!

6. Kondoi, Coral Beach Okinawa, Japan
Okinawa. Islands of the safest in the world. Doors rumah2 population alone is never locked. 3 of the 10 oldest people on earth live in these islands. Results of a typical Japanese rural atmosphere combined with beautiful beaches? Magnificent! Although expensive.

7. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
The beach is not that big, but it is a beach with the clearest, bluest water in Hawaii. Complete with views of two small islands called Mokuluas in the distance. Waikiki goodbye!

8. Mnmbe Lodge, Tanzania
Most beautiful beaches on the Continent of Africa, although not located on mainland Africa. Travel to Zanzibar is not easy, but if you have samapai on this beach, it all seemed worthwhile.

9. Tulum Beach, Mexico
One of the first resort in Mexico. Perhaps hundreds of years previously also been used by the Mayans as a resort. Ever dream of swimming in the white sand beaches, calm and relax accompanied by background mayan pyramids? Welcome to your dream.

10. Whitehaven, Australia
7 Kilometers of white sand beach one of the cleanest and most isolated in the world would certainly be sufficient for our relaxing
is not it? Sunglasses are a necessity at this beach so white sand beach.

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